Create Fast Ebooks

Writing and Publishing are easy, but it doesn’t mean you’ll sell any ebooks, but don’t let this get you down.

In order to sell an ebook, you must…

(1) Inspire,
(2) Fascinate,
(3) Challenge, 
(4) Educate,
(5) Entertain,
(6) Give Away Freebies, and
(7) Promote, Promote, Promote!

Let your personality shine throughout your ebook.

Don’t swear! Use clean language instead, and give readers the kind of information that they really want.

(1) Writing & Publishing Ebooks Are Easy Today.
(2) Engaging,Outlined Ebooks, Sell Fast!
(3) Ebooks Must Solve The Reader’s Problem.

Be a Smart Author, by first, finding out what questions your readers are asking, and then answering those questions in an orderly fashion.

This means you are going to organize the answers to these questions in an ebook. This is called Research!

Make sure you write enough content, so that your reader feels like they are getting their money’s worth.

This doesn’t mean you should just write whatever comes to mind.

A good writer will be able to add value to their ebook, while making sure it is long enough to make people want to buy it.

(1) So, Be A Smart Author.
(2) Organize Your Answers.
(3) Make The Ebook Long Enough.
(4) Make People Want To Buy It.

In a nutshell, if you want to make money off of your ebook, you have to be ready to write something that people will love.

Remember these 3 principles…

(1) Know The Bottom Line!
(2) Write What People Love!
(3) Prepare To Make Fast Money From Your Ebook!

Write without fear! When you do this, you will find that you can Write Better, and even Speak Better.

You can do this by sharing experiences from your own life that help explain the message of the book.

Make it funny where it shold be funny, in your own way. Express your own perspective and thoughts.

Allow your reader to feel like they are getting to know you, and what you think. With all this said… Keep things clean, Don’t Use Profanity!

(1) Be A Fearless Writer.
(2) Use Your Own Experience & Illustrations, Every Chance You Get!
(3) Let Your Reader Know A Little Bit More About You With Each Ebook.

It’s your job to Find & Make interested people aware of your ebook. You are the one who must sell it!

You can’t just sit around and hope that someone else will do it. You have to do something to make ebook sales happen.

Here is one of the main reason it’s easy to become an author.

You don’t have to send a manuscript to a publisher and hope that they pick your book out of the thousands they get every year.

Be glad you don’t have to do that! You can write almost anything you want today, and self-publish it on all kind of sites… including Amazon!. 

(1) Find Interested People To Buy Your Ebook.
(2) Don’t Be Lazy About This!
(3) Create More Ebooks, & Make More Money!

Put a million dollars worth of confidence into each ebook and sales letter.

One of the things you ought to do is give others a clear picture of who you really are. This will enable you to add more substance to your ebooks while reducing the amount of material that is repeated elsewhere.

Using someone else’s work as a template is not plagiarizing, which is against the law, and should never be done!

However, one-of-a-kind information is often explained close too, but not exactly like some other writer explained it. It’s when you explain it exactly like the other person that plagerism takes place. So, don’t!

The fact of the matter is that very few people buy ebooks just to learn something new. The internet lets you do that for free!

People are also interested in being entertained by the ebooks you write. So, make sure that you add that mixture of fun for them.

Inform them and keep them entertained. This is what’s known as “Edutainment!”

(1) Promote Ebooks With Confidence.
(2) Publish Your Own Ebooks.
(3) Never Copy Someone’s Work & Claim It’s Yours.
(4) Make Your Ebooks Educational & Fun.

If you want someone to buy your ebook, you have to do more than just give them the right info.

You need to do more than just teach them something new. You also need to…

(1) Motivate,
(2) Engage,
(3) Challenge,
(4) Educate, and
(5) Entertain them.

They want to make sure the book is worth their money, and their time!

You can start by creating a simple outline that reads like a roadmap.

The outline should briefly spell out…

(1) What the problem is,
(2) How to solve it, and
(3) What they will get when they finish all the steps.

As a rule, you should have at least Three Steps, and No More Than Ten. By doing this, you can begin with an outline, and finish with an ebook every time!

(1) Write A Money-Making Ebook Now!
(2) Make It Both Informative & Entertaining.
(3) Start By Creating A Simple Outline That Reads Like a Roadmap.
(4) Show People, That You Can Take Them From Where They Are Now, To Where They Want & Need To Be!

How do you write good Ebooks that people will want to buy & read?

Well, after writing it, you must publish it! Let the world know it’s there, and what it can do for them!

How exactly do you go about this? Sell it as though it’s worth a million dollars, because it might be! Don’t let yourself be shy, boring, lazy, or dull, in this matter.

Inspire people, draw them in, push them, and make people laugh.

If you really want to sell your ebook, you need to be ready to write something awesome.

A good writer can add value to any ebook, while making sure it is long enough to make people want to buy it.

So, make sure you write enough content.

Abundance, without fluff, is a surefire method to let your readers feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

(1)Write Ebooks That People Want To Buy & Read.
(2)Sell Each Ebook As If It’s Worth A Million Dollars.
(3) But, Don’t Try To Sell It For A Million Dollars!
(4) Give Readers More Than Expected, To Make Them Feel They Are Getting Their Money’s Worth!
(5) Realize, That If You Don’t Make A Big Deal About Your Ebook, It’s Likely, That No One Else Will!